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Unlike traditional tourism, sustainable approach not only encourages travelers to explore natural wonders and culturally significant areas, but it also offers numerous benefits to the environment, local communities and the overall global ecosystem when done correctly.

Traditional mass tourism can harm the surrounding environment by an overuse of resources and disruption to local communities. Ecotourism focuses on ways to minimize these negative impacts to the area. You can do this by adhering to responsible guidelines and low-impact practices. Refrain from littering and choose greener modes of travel when exploring the area.

Funds you spend on activities, or tickets to a state or national park, aid conservation projects, wildlife protection and habitat restorations. Being conscience of how you are traveling, what you are buying and what you are eating will help with the sustainability aspect of your trip as well. Always do thorough research before booking your next adventure to make sure that you are being as green as possible!

Another key aspect of ecotourism is its emphasis on supporting the local communities that you visit. Fostering meaningful connections between travelers and locals is a crucial yet often overlooked step in being a tourist. Instead of being passive observers, ecotourists engage with the rich local culture to gain a deeper understanding of their traditions and ways of life.

At Ujung Kulon Ecotour travelers have a choice to be conscientious tourists, no matter what type holiday they take. Since the beginning Ujung Kulon Ecotour has been promoting sustainable tourism to ensure their tours bring only positive impact to the places they visit. We support sustainable development eco-tourist projects that have benefited the economic, social and cultural development of various local communities.

By participating responsible travel practices, ecotourism seeks to protect fragile ecosystems and wildlife habitats. Protected areas and national parks are great destinations to visit during your vacation because these areas are already protected by law. By choosing to travel as ecotourists, you are actively participating in conservation efforts.

News & Articles

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Ujung Kulon Culture Festival: Campaign for Javan Rhino Conservation

The Ujung Kulon Culture Festival 2024 event, scheduled for July 26-29, 2024, will serve as a platform for campaigning the conservation of protected species, particularly the Javan Rhinos, which serves as the icon of Pandeglang Regency. This was expressed by the Chairman of the Implementation, Yudi Wahyudin, during a meeting …

Javan Rhino Poacher Gets 12 Years Prison

Javan Rhino Poacher Gets 12 Years Prison. A Javan Rhino poacher named Sunendi has been sentenced to 12 years behind bars for the poaching of six critically endangered Javan rhinos, marking the most severe punishment ever imposed for wildlife crimes in the country. Sunendi – Javan Rhino Poacher Get 12 …

6 suspected poachers arrested over killing of 26 Javan rhinos

6 suspected poachers arrested over killing of 26 Javan rhinos. Indonesian authorities announced on Wednesday the arrest of six individuals suspected of involvement in an international rhino poaching network, a grave concern for wildlife advocates fearing the species’ survival. Police arrest 6 suspected poachers | Photo: Polda Banten The targeted …

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26 Javan rhinos killed by poachers

The Environment and Forestry Ministry is gearing up to probe the recent fatalities of 26  Javan rhinos, suspected victims of poaching at Ujung Kulon National Park in Banten. Their primary objective is to ascertain the accurate count of the casualties. Dead Javan Rhino | Doc : Balai TNUK Towards the …


A Javan Rhino Calf Caught on Camera This Month

A Javan rhino calf was recently captured on camera traps in Ujung Kulon National Park. This news brings joy to the conservation world, as it adds to the population of Javan rhinos in the area, bringing the total to 82 individuals. Ardi Andono, the head of Ujung Kulon National Park, …