Closure of Trekking Routes

 Closure of trekking routes on Ujung Kulon peninsula was officially announced by the Ujung Kulon National Park Office on Monday, 23 October 2023. The pedestrian path on the Ujung Kulon Peninsula, Banten, has officially been closed to protect the habitat of the One-horned Rhinoceros or Javan Rhino. The closure of trekking or walking tourist routes…

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15 javan rhino dissapeared

15 Javan Rhinos Disapeared

15 Javan Rhinos Disapeared since 2019 – 18 rhinos had been missing for years, and at least three of them were confirmed to have died since 2019, yet continued to be listed in the official population count. None of these missing or dead Javan rhinos were publicly announced by either the agency that manages Ujung…

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Javan Rhino Expedition David Herman Jaya

The Unicorn From Ujung Kulon

The unicorn from Ujung Kulon, Javan Rhino (Rhinoceros sondaicus) is one of the five remaining species of rhino in the world and currently found only in the Ujung Kulon peninsula, Banten Province, Indonesia. Javan Rhino Population The Javan rhinoceros is the rarest species of the five and is placed on the World Conservation Agency’s Red…

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40 Years in Indonesia

40 Years in Indonesia Part 1 by Alain Compost | After a career as photographer and cameraman spanning 40 years, mostly in Indonesia. I am returning to places I have visited that now represent the last strongholds for Indonesia’s biodiversity. I want to witness the changes that have taken place during all these years. My…

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javan rhino

Tsunami and the Javan Rhino

Tsunami and the Javan Rhino. A devastating tsunami that killed more than 400 people in Indonesia has left the last surviving population of Javan Rhinos unscathed, but has highlighted once again the dire threats facing the critically endangered species. The December 22 tsunami, caused by a landslide in the Sunda Strait following a massive eruption…

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Vicus Benjamina

Private Conservation Area

Private Conservation Area. Ecotourism in Indonesia could flourish more if the operation of conservation areas like national parks is managed by the private sector, a top researcher said on Wednesday. University of Indonesia professor of conservation biology Jatna Supriatna, who chairs the university’s Research Center for Climate Change, said privatizing the management of national parks…

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