OFORA Trust Foundation is a non goverment and non profit organization that has strong mission in building the ideal condition for increasing the Javan Rhino population and its habitat accompanied by enhancing the sustainable welfare of community who live at the buffer zone of Ujung Kulon National Park.

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Javan Rhino Needs Your Help

Javan Rhino (Rhinoceros Sondaicus, Desmarest 1822), one of the most recognized and threatened species on the planet, is one of world’s most important biological treasures.

The Javan rhino, survive in only a handful of Ujung Kulon National Parks, and represent five of world rhinos species as large mammal species on Earth. These secretive, forest-­‐dwelling Javan Rhino face a number of threats ranging from illegal hunting for their horn, habitat encroachment and forest loss, and, ultimately, poverty among local communities living in and around rhino habitat.

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Conserving this wondrous species requires a far-­sighted strategy that incorporates the best available scientific information combined with coordination and collaboration among numerous partners, including governments, the academic community, conservation organizations, zoos and breeding centers, local communities, and others.

Javan Rhino conservation will necessitate not only sustainable scientific management, but also the full engagement and involvement of local communities, including education and awareness, and, where appropriate, alternative and sustainable livelihoods built around conservation.

OFORA Trust Foundation

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