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Javan Rhino Observation


Javan Rhino Observation Tour is a special interest tour package organized by Ujungkulon Eco-Tour with full support by WWF and Ujungkulon National Park authority.

Due to delicate nature of the species, Rhino observation tour must be conducted very carefully to avoid disturbances to the rhinos and to the habitat. WWF Indonesia and Ujung Kulon National Park authority have conducted various studies to find the best possible way to observe these endangered animals.



Javan Rhinoceros (Rhinoceros Sondaicus) is the rarest mammal on earth, and this species has been classified as Critically endangered by IUCN.

There are only around 50 javan rhinos left, and there are none in zoos or captive facilities, therefore the only possible means to observe Javan rhinoceros is through direct observation in the natural habitat.

This is an exclusive eco-adventure tour with opportunity to observe Javan Rhino in the natural habitat


  • Day 1 : Airport pickup, Go to Carita, Overnight in Carita
  • Day 2 : Breakfast, travel to Taman Jaya village, overnight in Taman Jaya village Travel to Observation spot Outdoor / camping arrangements
  • Day 4. to Day 11 : Rainforest exploration, wildlife watching, Rhino observation (Main activities)
  • Day 12 : Return to Taman Jaya village, overnight in Taman Jaya
  • Day 13 : Travel from Taman Jaya to Carita, overnight in Carita
  • Day 14 : Transport to Jakarta / airport / other destination. End of Trip

Tour package includes:

  1. Airport pickup and transport to Carita resort area (return)
  2. Foods and accommodations in Taman Jaya village during transit
  3. Foods during the overall trip
  4. Canoe rent (when applicable)
  5. Tent and/or sleeping mattress with mosquito net
  6. Park permit/ticket & insurance

Tour package does not cover extra charge / permit for:

  1. Commercial f ilming / photography
  2. Charge for cameras or other equipments

Tours will be conducted in the forest; therefore, outdoor equipment for overnight rest/ sleeping will be provided. Depending on the location, tours can be done with canoe or stay on observation tree house. Upon successful encounter with the Javan rhino, visitor will receive certificate of acknowledgment.

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